It’s a big day for us at Stephen Martines Music. We couldn’t be more thrilled about “Sounds Like Whiskey” reaching the top spot on The Iceman’s “New Country Artist” chart. Stephen, the band, Red Rose Records, and all of us involved are extremely grateful to The Iceman and all of you for requesting this song and loving it as much as we do. We wouldn’t be here without you all, and we are extremely thankful. We’d also like to thank Vinny Vencent Van-zant Hickerson,  Jay Brunswick and Josh Dunne for this song. You guys are awesome. And kudos to Sam Maul and the folks at Shock City Studios for their solid work!

Please keep going to The Iceman’s website and leaving a comment requesting this song, and don’t forget to mention “Shot Glasses and Bullet Holes” while you’re at it.

Thank you!

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