Stephen Martines with Microphone and Hat

Stephen is a gifted singer/songwriter/actor who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where he excelled as a soccer player. Following a successful stint as a nationally-recognized model, he moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and began a career in television – becoming a regular on shows like General Hospital and The Guiding Light – eventually branching out into prime-time television with roles on The Closer, Vampire Diaries and Burn Notice, among others. Along the way, his passion for songwriting called him to Nashville where he became a songwriter in the Warner-Chappell stable. This contact gave him the opportunity to write and hone his craft with mega-talents like Jon Nite, Ross Copperman and Brandon Ray.

Stephen was recently signed to 40West Records and continues recording and performing  country music. With the help of his longtime fans spreading his music to new listeners, Stephen’s talented voice is being heard all across the United States and even reaching international audiences. Stephen’s hit song “Sounds Like Whiskey” has reached the Number 1 spot on Nashville’s The Iceman’s New Country Artist Chart, and he recently released his first full-on music video for his popular song “Alright”! (Head over to the video page to see it and other videos.)

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